About this site


This site’s goal is to help designers and developers become more familiar with OpenType variable fonts in a way that isn’t overwhelming, while also providing straightforward info upfront about the font projects, who made them, and where to find more info or get the fonts to use. While there is no promise to maintain an exhaustive universal listing, most publicly available variable fonts are documented on the site (at least for now). Private experiments or other variable font projects that aren’t easily accessible to the general public are not the focus of the site.

Status, limitations, and plans

The site is currently presented in a limited beta version. As a showcase of variable fonts, it requires a web browser that supports OpenType font variation technology. As more variable fonts are released and support for the technology increases, the site will expand with additional functionality for filtering and searching content, inspecting named instance presets in variable fonts, simple code snippets for implementation, and other resources to help designers and developers use variable fonts in their own projects. In its current state, the site’s contents are admittedly Latin-centric, but will expand to include fonts for other writing systems in the near future.


The site is a HEX project – designed, built, and edited by Nick Sherman. It was started with support from Adobe Typekit and assistance from Chris Lewis and David Jonathan Ross. Regardless of those relationships, the content and development of the site remains independent.

The primary typeface used on the site is Zeitung from Underware, served in a variable font format.

The site was a lot easier to make thanks to ExpressionEngine, Wakamai Fondue, Axis-Praxis, Homebrew web font tools, Indra Kupferschmid’s spreadsheet of variable fonts, range.css, Fontview, and Robofont.

Stay in touch

For feedback and suggestions, email nick@hex.xyz.

For news and updates, follow @variablefonts on Twitter.