Mikhail Strukov – Variable Fonts

⚠️ Notice: As a showcase of variable fonts, this site requires a web browser that supports OpenType font variation technology. It looks like your browser doesn’t, so please consider upgrading to one that does (the latest versions of Chrome work well, even on older operating systems). Otherwise, the font samples below will only appear as static fonts.

Mikhail Strukov

Variable fonts designed by Mikhail Strukov

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Roboto Flex

    abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789
100 1000
25 151
8 144
-200 150
-10 0
323 603
27 175
25 135
416 570
528 760
649 854
-305 -98
560 788

A variable adaptation of Google’s Roboto typeface, with a bevy of options for adjusting different parameters of the design.

Tags: body text, sans, feature variations, monoline, multiplexed, multiplexed weight, neo-grotesque, optical sizes, retractable extenders, unusual variation, variable posture, variable lowercase height
Design:Font Bureau, David Berlow, Santiago Orozco, Irene Vlachou, Ilya Ruderman, Yury Ostromentsky, Mikhail Strukov, Christian Robertson
Characters:Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Vietnamese
Licensing:Open source