Variable Fonts (beta)

A simple resource for finding and trying variable fonts

⚠️ Notice: As a showcase of variable fonts, this site requires a web browser that supports OpenType font variation technology. It looks like your browser doesn’t, so please consider upgrading to one that does (the latest versions of Chrome work well, even on older operating systems). Otherwise, the font samples below will only appear as static fonts.

Output Sans Variable

    abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789
100 900
0 8

​Output is a companion to the Input font series but focuses less on code / programming and more on versatility, readability, and interaction. Stylistic sets of alternate glyphs allow for several different flavors: humanist, tech-y, or grotesque. It is currently offered in a pre-release beta version. The lightest weights are also available as a Output Sans Hairlines Variable with its own unique functionality.

Design:David Jonathan Ross