Skia – Variable Fonts

⚠️ Notice: As a showcase of variable fonts, this site requires a web browser that supports OpenType font variation technology. It looks like your browser doesn’t, so please consider upgrading to one that does (the latest versions of Chrome work well, even on older operating systems). Otherwise, the font samples below will only appear as static fonts.


    abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789
0.48 3.2
0.62 1.3

​Skia is, in many ways, the grandparent of modern OpenType variable fonts. Matthew Carter’s Latin successor to his lesser-known Cadmus Greek, Skia was the first of the GX fonts that allowed font variation functionality. Developed for Apple, it has been bundled with their operating systems since System 7.5 in 1994. In more recent OS’s, only the named instances of Skia’s stylistic variations are exposed in the system’s font interface, without variable controls. However, the font still contains data for fluid variation, including stylistic extremes of weight and width beyond those offered as named instances.

Tags: decorative/display, sans, calligraphic, feature variations, flared/concave, inscriptional, spurless
Design:Matthew Carter