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The M-formula is a principle of design named by WA Dwiggins that he described as “a method to trick the eye (in viewing objects much reduced) into seeing curves that aren’t there”, achieved by increasing the angularity of curves that would normally be soft. The “M” stands for “marionette” because the principle was something Dwiggins also practiced in designing marionettes so their features would read more clearly from a distance.

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​A type system that can morph between a wide range of stylistic variations, including low-contrast sans, chunky slab serif, high-contrast modern, calligraphic sans, and everything in between.

Tags: decorative/display, body text, serif, slab serif, sans, calligraphic, M-formula, overbite/underbite, retractable serifs, sharp, stub serifs, unusual variation
Design:Viktor Zumegen
Publisher:Viktor Zumegen
Characters:Latin (limited)
Licensing:By request

Valnera VF

  • Valnera VF
    No sample available
  • Valnera VF Italic
    No sample available
  • Valnera VF Monster
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An angular serif typeface with variable options to for pseudo-randomized irregularity.

Tags: decorative/display, body text, serif, slab serif, M-formula, pinched joints, rotation, sharp, unusual variation, wedge serif
Design:Riccardo De Franceschi
Publisher:Cast Type Foundry
Licensing:Trial, Paid/commercial


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    أبجد هوز حطي كلمن سعفص قرشت ثخذ ضظغ
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A variable incarnation of Eduardo Tunni’s Changa. The Arabic glyphs were designed in collaboration with Mohamed Gaber. The variable font was produced by Eli Heuer.

Tags: decorative/display, sans, M-formula, rectangular, superellipse
Design:Eduardo Tunni
Publisher:Eli Heuer
Characters:Latin, Arabic
Licensing:Open source