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Adobe Blank VF & Friends

  • Adobe Blank VF
  • Adobe Black VF
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A set of special-purpose variable fonts based on Adobe Blank and Adobe Blank 2, intended to render all Unicode characters / code points using variable glyphs. Adobe Blank VF renders all code points with empty space, and Adobe Black VF renders them with a variable rectangle. The “2” versions of the fonts are produced in a way that is more data-efficient, but may not be supported in all environments. In those cases, the plain Adobe Blank VF and Adobe Black VF fonts can be used. Ken Lunde explains more in the article about the fonts.

Tags: CFF, dingbats, monospaced, polygonal, rectangular, straight-sided, unusual variation
Design:Ken Lunde
Characters:dingbats/emoji, Pan-Unicode
Licensing:Open source