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    abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789
    أبجد هوز حطي كلمن سعفص قرشت ثخذ ضظغ אבגדהוזחטיכלמנסעפצקרשת
100 900
0 16
1 2

​Handjet started as an exercise with design students to make a typeface for handset printers and their 32-pixel vertical matrix, but grew into a large multi-script design.

In 2019, Google sponsored and extension and open-source release of the typeface. Consultants for the project include Maria Doreuli (Cyrillic), Irene Vlachou (Greek), Borna Izadpanah (Arabic), Khajag Apelian (Armenian), and Meir Sadan (Hebrew).

The font is provided with a warning that “variable fonts are relatively new and Handjet sometimes challenges the limits. You might get unpredictable, yet beautiful and somewhat amusing, rendering errors in Adobe software. It works well in browsers as far as we know.”

Tags: decorative/display, sans, modular, multiplexed, multiplexed weight, pixel, polygonal, straight-sided, unusual variation
Design:David Březina
Publisher:Rosetta Type Foundry
Characters:Latin, Vietnamese, Cyrillic, Greek, Armenian, Arabic, Hebrew, dingbats/emoji
Licensing:Open source